Medical Conference in China

I was honored to serve as Master of Ceremonies for the Asia Dry Eye Society (ADES) Summit 2016 held in Xiamen (southern China) last fall. MDK Translations has been translating, editing, and taking meeting minutes for members of the ADES for several years now.  Although the depth of discussions was frequently over my head, I was familiar enough with the terminology to keep up with the pace. And as a sufferer of dry eye, I do not take the condition lightly! The experience of facilitating two full days of meetings and speeches reminded me of how nice it is to work with others (rather than hiding behind a PC screen all day). I aim to polish my facilitation skills in hopes of more opportunities like this. I must add…being a fairly noticeable foreigner with zero grasp of the local language served as a valuable reminder of how a few memorized greetings can help make friends and show respect for the country you are visiting.


Photo: With Medi Produce President and amazing colleagues


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