Blue Light Hazard by Dr. Kazuo Tsubota

Stephanie and I had the honor of translating this super informative book about how blue light is seeping into our lives, upsetting our circadian rhythm, and affecting our overall health. I always leave this kind of stuff up to Stephanie, as she has more experience with medical papers and a husband in the medical field ready and willing to explain difficult concepts as needed. But Dr. Tsubota, head of the Ophthalmology Department at Keio University’s Medical School, wrote this book specifically for those of us with too much screen time (computers, smartphones, video games, etc.), and those who work the night shift under glaring lights. As I edited Stephanie’s already smooth translation, I gleaned two points that I have now put into practice: (1) spend time outside every day in the morning and afternoon to soak in those natural blue light rays and (2) stop checking your mail or browsing through Facebook in bed a night (guilty as charged…). The result?  A well-oiled circadian clock which leads to better sleep, which then leads to better health. Dr. T even suggests it might lead to a bit of weight loss. I can honestly say that I have been sleeping really soundly lately. Unfortunately, I have yet to lose even a few grams…

Check out Blue Light Hazard (in print or on Kindle).



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